Painting in the Alps

Aosta Valley 

5th to 11th August 2019

Painting in the Alps

Vallée d’Aoste


The Swiss and Italian Alps are the best destination for painter. 

Watercolor is the perfect medium to paint outdoor under the guidance of Dominic Sevestre watercolorist and passionated about William Turner paintings.

Mountain scenery are everywhere with the inspiration of Turner paintings and sketchings. You will capture the most beautiful scenery that the Alps can offer.

Watercolour workshop

Explore Turner’s landscapes and create your own art with a watercolour painting 

Level: all levels.    Beginners and advanced
Small group : 6 to 8 participants


You will be inspired by Turner's way of seeing and painting.

My role will be to teach you its work processes to put them at the service of your creativity.

Turner is an ideal medium to discover or improve the techniques of watercolour, gesture, composition, light, color, drawing ...

The tips and demonstrations are explained in a personalized way according to the level of each student.​




We will pick you up at Geneva airport and drive to Chamonix and enjoy this wonderful site where Turner stopped during his Alps tour.
Then we will travel through Mont Blanc Tunnel to get to our chalet in Pré St Didier in Italy.

On arrival you will have time to relax, before our welcome reception, orientation meeting followed by dinner.  

Day 1 to 5 

Itinerary following the Turner’s steps, the scenic places where you will paint




Brenva glacier

In the evening, Turner stopped at the end of the trail to sketch the Brenva Glacier .The sketching spot was near the little church « Notre-Dame de la Guérison » which ended his south Alpine tour. 


Brenva Glacier view from Courmayeur 

In the morning, the sun rays of light are exhaling from the east, Turner’s paint brush sweepings are precise and stylish. Two or three hours are enough to paint this beautiful glacier that descends into the morning mists floating on the valley.


Mont-Blanc view from Courmayeur

The view from the north is facing the val Ferret slopes, looking down towards Entrève village and over the entrance of val d’Aosta to the Brenva glacier dominated by the Aiguille Noire and the spectacular Mont Blanc summit. 



The gorge itself is extremely spectacular and a steep path climbs up to the source.At the bottom of the biggest waterfall, the water flows from the fields and  gives a misty atmosphere. Turner makes a pencil sketch of the view closed to the waterfall’s source, looking towards the end of the gorges towards the village dominated by the Dent du Géant. Then Turner settled comfortably to paint watercolors.


Villeneuve /Aosta

Below Châtel Argent, the Val d'Aoste is filled with castles on both sides of the valley and Turner made a careful study of the environment. Turner made two sketches in pencil, the first one, from the orchards just at the bottom of the castle, looking up the valley towards Châtel Argent and the second one, less detailed, from further back. A little further down the valley, he discovered a point of view that allowed him to include the castle of St. Pierre on the right.



Turner is relieved to arrive in Aosta. All the  sketchbooks are filled with sketches, no more space to draw. He will buy new sketchbooks in Aosta and make sketches of the city and especially beyond the Suaz bridge to the south looking towards the road of Grand-Saint Bernard


Day 6 and 7 



Grand-Saint-Bernard Pass

It is evening fall, Turner’s first view is the Hospices, behind the small Lake and the Mount Vélan.


Auberge de l’Hospice

Back to Geneva / Airport

Going through a spectacular point of view over the magnificent Leman lake. 


Dates: 5th to 9th August 2019

Hameau De Jadis


Dates: 10th to 11th August 2019

Auberge de l'Hospice

Grand-Saint-Bernard Pass


Transportation to and from Geneva Airport with van


Breakfast, lunch and evening meals


Not including

Drawing and Painting Material


Drawing and Watercolor material list


Fees : Sfr.3200,--

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